Uniform Product Review

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Xara has become a leading brand in the supply of uniforms and equipment to soccer organizations by combining industry leading technology with the number 1 reputation for on time delivery. All Xara uniforms are designed to improve the performance of athletes and last for years in the toughest playing conditions.

Fabric weight for increased performance:

Soccer is a demanding sport that requires an extraordinary level of endurance. To enhance the player performance under such conditions a uniform needs to be lightweight and offer technology that allows the fabric to breathe. Both of these factors dramatically affect performance.Xara’s Anfield and Elland (pronounced el-land) shirts are made from a fabric that provides industry leading technology and benefits. They are the lightest weight shirts in the soccer industry. Weighing in at a mere 123 grams. The proprietary Dri-X fabric allows sweat to dissipate and evaporate. This keeps the athlete dry, cool and gives top athletes an advantage on the field. Performance design includes Body-Mapping panels that help keep players cool. They further dissipate body heat and help players to perform at their best.

Fabric quality:

All Xara uniforms are constructed to withstand the rigors of competition. Our three step seam construction is an industry leading standard giving players the confidence to play in the toughest conditions. Moreover, our 50 denier drop needle polyester produces a stronger fiber, tighter knit, jersey, making a shirt that is more durable that won’t snag. The fabric sets industry standards for anti-pill and anti-pull properties, giving players a performance product that will go the distance.


Ultimately all Xara products are designed on the principle of comfort equals performance. So features like the fabric feel, panel design, seam construction and taped back neck, allow players to focus less on what they are wearing and more on how they are playing. You won't find a more comfortable, durable jersey — or one that enhances performance anywhere. Find out how Xara’s performance engineered products allow you to maximize your performance on the field.