Safety Series

Make Player Safety -Your Responsibility

Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that players have a safe, fun soccer experience. This includes ensuring children have correct fitting equipment that protects their growing feet and legs. Xara has developed a line of equipment that offers Correct-Fittechnology, high-tech materials, and safety design features to ensure the best soccer experience. Xara’s Safety Series products include shoes that fit and support growing feet, shin guards that fit and protect the important ankle and shin areas and a ball that has materials and construction to reduce pain and injury.

XG1 Shin Guard with Correct-Fittechnology:

Most shin guards sold to young soccer players will actually accommodate an adult foot; this means it is impossible for them to be a correct fit for a child. As a result, the shoe won’t fit and the guard is uncomfortable. Xara's XG1 Shin Guards with Correct-Fittechnology are developed to fit the young athlete.  Xara’s XG1 shin guard comes in 6 different sizes to ensure the perfect fit. The XG1’s Correct-FitFaceplate offers excellent protection, featuring 3 flexible vented ribs for protection, transparent PVC outer shell with air vented foam for padding and breathability, and patented wings for full shin protection. More and more shin guards are being sold to young players without any ankle protection. This follows the trend started by professional players and copied by teenagers. This is completely inappropriate for the young player; the ankle protection prevents most minor kicks and bumps to the ankle. That is why the XGI Correct-Fit Ankle guard is tailored for children and is reinforced with EPE for maximum protection.

Velocity Shoes with Safety Stud Configuration:

The human foot is one of the most complicated parts of the body containing 26 bones; a young athlete’s foot is even more complicated because they are still growing and developing. Only 6 bones are fully formed at birth and the rest will not be established until the mid teens, this makes the growing foot susceptible to injury or long term damage.

  • A 14-point Safe Stud cleat configuration - Extreme Close Up – compare side-by-side with competitor configuration and point out its poor configuration for balance/grip
  • Conical-shaped cleats vs. blades for everyone's safety – 2x Extreme Close
  • Smart side-lacing to assist with the strike of the ball - Extreme Close Up
  • Contrast panels that assists players with correct ball striking technique - Extreme Close Up

Many top Premier league clubs in England deem the bladed stud design to be so dangerous that they have banned the use of bladed shoes for all players in their Academy under the age of 18.

XB1 Ball:

The XB1 Ball is the ideal youth soccer ball. The XB1 Ball is made with a soft sponge-back material that is more forgiving and cushions impact when the ball is struck or headed. Typical soccer balls are made of harder materials that can hurt young players when they are struck against the player’s unprotected skin.