The US is the worlds most unique soccer market, while quickly becoming a force in the global game, the strength of the market lies at the "Grass Roots" level. Only in the US does the sport draw its success from the equal participation of both boys and girls and only in America is the sport driven by clubs and teams at the youth level.
Soccer is all we do and because of this we understand that this market needs a different approach. The products we develop consider the needs of both men and women, our products are designed to go to the field with you every week and help you get the most from the game you love. But our commitment to the game goes beyond what we sell, Xara offers a unique suite of programs and services, developed over years of research, to meet the needs of every component of the game.
Our "Soccer only" approach means we share your love of the game and our commitment to Soccer in the US means we understand the importance of your club and your team.