Capture the Excitement of International Soccer

There is nothing more exciting than soccer on a global scale, in countries around the world soccer is known as “the beautiful game” and in many of these countries soccer is the national sport. The USA has built a strong reputation in both the men’s and women’s game through their success in the sports ultimate competition the “World Cup”. Now you can introduce your members to the fun and excitement of playing soccer at the International level with the International Series product, programs and support materials. This product will bring an authentic soccer experience to your program, and your members will thank you for introducing them to a very exciting and unique aspect of the game. The product is supported by an exciting association manual which outlines many ideas passed on from clubs across the country who have already created their own International soccer season. It shows how they have built a unique soccer experience around the use of the International series product and learned more about the countries involved in the game at the highest level. The product, the association manual, the valuable support materials and your imagination, will allow you to create an International soccer experience that will turn a “Season of Games into a Lifetime of Memories.”
International Series Support Materials;
  • Association Manual
  • Country fact sheet – one for each country
  • Player Certificates
  • Photograph surround – individual picture
  • Photograph surround – team picture
  • Parents note
  • Parents note acknowledging the work of the coach