Are You Ready to Travel the Globe?

The Imagineers program is a U8 player development program that is the second in a series of three programs that have been developed to assist administrators and parent coaches in the growth and development of players. This 10 week, age specific program focuses on developing the childs key soccer skills while using their imagination to take them around the globe.   
The curriculum is based around visiting wonders of the world and there are three principles that act as its foundation;
  • Story Telling
  • Imagination     
  • Play
All of the learning points are integrated into the games, stories and play; this allows the players to learn in their natural environment while having fun. The role of the coach is one of story teller with the coaching points integrated into the stories. Learning to play with the ball is all part of the stories and the fun. Each child has their own globe ball, which helps develop skills as well as learn about locations around the world. This program is age specific and skill specific for players at the U8 level and is a progression from the U6 Dinomites program.
Support Materials;
  • Photograph surround – individual picture
  • Photograph surround – team picture
  • Parents note 
  • Coaches note 
  • Player certificate for completion of the season