A Better Club Experience
Your soccer club experience is not dictated by the size of your club, the skill level of your players, or your won/lost record. Rather it is governed by the commitment of your club, to set out values by which it will operate and the commitment of the players, coaches, parents and administrators to honor them. This commitment will ultimately determine the success of the club and whether the expectations of the membership will be met.
That is why the Elite Club Program is open to clubs of all sizes, skill levels and playing record. You see the word Elite is not about your win/loss record, it is about your commitment to providing an Elite Club Experience for your members. Xara will make a commitment to supporting your club regardless of your playing record; we will support your effort to provide the best possible soccer experience regardless of your size. Experience has shown us that bigger is not always better, so we will offer additional playing gear and practice gear to participating clubs regardless of size. We will provide club support to any participating club regardless of skill level. At Xara our Vision is that all soccer clubs will thrive and that is why we make the Elite Club Program available to all clubs.
For further details contact your local Xara Sales Representative