A memorable introduction to the game of Soccer 
Welcome to the world of soccer, for many parents of U6 children this is your first introduction to the game. For those of you that are experienced in the game, please take the time to assist those new parents become familiar with this wonderful game. The Dinomites program is not just a series of adventures for your child, but the stories also give you the opportunity to participate in your child’s soccer experience. Check out the great support materials that allow you to build a wonderful scrapbook that will provide memories of your Dinomite soccer experience for many years.
We wish you many hours of family soccer fun and encourage you to take advantage of the parent’s backyard activity program that is built into the Dinomites experience. This parents booklet lets you have some one on one soccer fun with your child and add to your families soccer experience. We would love to hear from you with your thoughts on your family’s Dinomites experience.
The Dinomites Program;
-         Your commitment to your child’s soccer activity
-         Your commitment to your program of choice
Supports your Aspiration
-         For you child to have a fun safe soccer experience
-         For the family to have a shared soccer experience
-         A Curriculum that is a story based, age appropriate approach to learning soccer
-         A Back yard activity book full of fun soccer adventures that mom and dad can have at home with their child
-         Support materials that provide a lasting memory for the whole family