The No Victory Without Honor® Program allows youth soccer organizations at all levels of the game who offer a competitive soccer experience, to do so in an environment that remains true to the values they share with their members. The program changes the environment in which the game is played into one that is more positive. This attracts parents who want their child to take lessons from the game that will have value long after the game has ended. The program recognizes players who demonstrate a commitment to those values that support their success in life both on and off the field.

With the creation of a competitive environment, comes the opportunity for a "win at all costs" mentality to emerge.  This win at all costs thinking supports a culture where the values of the organization and the stakeholders are compromised by the drive to win. Winning games by any means is not an acceptable message in any sports culture and in particular within the world of youth sports. The No Victory Without Honor® program engages all stakeholders in the effort to create a highly competitive environment while holding true to the shared values of everyone involved.

Each member of the organization participates in the No Victory Without Honor Program; their involvment starts by taking the pledge to uphold the organizations "Standards for Success." This process is easy and can be completed very quickly. Note: Each organization can work with Xara to create their own "Standards for Success."




CSL, the largest youth soccer league in the US and one of the largest youth soccer leagues in the world with 34,000 players participating each year.

“Coast Soccer League introduced NVWH and in just one season we saw dramatic results. A 30% reduction in yellow cards, a 64% reduction in red cards issued to players and an 80% reduction in red cards issued to parents and coaches. The No Victory without Honor® program changes the environment in which the game is played which makes the soccer experience better for everyone.” - Gary Sparks, President, Coast Soccer League -