A Brighter Future with Xara College Selextion Program

What defines the soccer experience for members of a soccer club or organization is the ability to express their values, reach their goals, and overcome the inherent challenges. Players, coaches, parents, and administrators must work in harmony to create a positive soccer experience and to bring success to an organization.

With this in mind, Xara has developed an array of age-appropriate soccer programs that educate, excite, and enhance the soccer experience for everyone. A high priority for us when developing these programs was to engage the family as a part of the e3 approach to success.

Each program provides an age-appropriate and skill-specific approach to the game. But naturally, once kids get into high school, they and their parents have a different focus. We thought, what is it that people in the game are inspiring to at these ages? What could we do to help them succeed? To find out, we researched and talked with members of soccer organizations to discover their needs.

An interesting finding was that a promise many soccer organizations make is that of a college soccer scholarship, or the promise of playing soccer in college, as getting a scholarship is a common dream of young soccer players. However, the facts show these dreams are not a likely reality.


  • Only 1.5% of all kids who ever play youth soccer will ever kick a ball in college
  • Less than 1% will receive a soccer scholarship
  • 33% of all students who enter a college end up switching and getting their degree from a different college with a typical $15,000 fee to change colleges

What did we take away from these findings? Statistics show the vast majority of players aged 14 to 18 and their parents need effective guidance on how to choose the right college more than they need tools that will help them obtain a soccer scholarship. Many are choosing a college based on the soccer program — but clearly, that's not a wise factor, since a very small percentage of kids end up playing college soccer.

We wanted to help parents by giving them tools that would assist them and their child make the right choice by choosing a college that fits their needs. This is why we created College Selextion — an age-specific program for kids ages 14 to 18 years. The College Selextion Program is designed to support the College aspiration of families involved in soccer. A college education can be expensive and making the right choice can be stressful. That is why the College Selextion Program gives families access to the College Profiler database, with more than 5,800 colleges and universities across the country. 

Based upon your selection criteria (cost, location, majors offered, etc), College Profiler will provide you information on colleges across the country that best fit your criteria. This gives you the best opportunity to find a college that best suits your needs. You can change your criteria as many times as you would like and each time you do, you will be provided with an updated list of colleges that best fit your most up-to-date criteria. You can even see information regarding accessing financial aid, scholarships, and more. This provides members an important tool for the college planning process and invaluable information that students and their parents should be considering while they are in 9th, 10th,11th, and 12th grade.

Engaging in a family soccer experience is part of an e3 approach to success, and 83% of all soccer parents say that the most important promise they make to their child is that of a college education. Xara assists families in your soccer organization with this critical decision and shows them that you understand what is important to their family.

This program is designed to encourage families to stay in a program to receive the benefits that the College Selextion Program brings. College Selextion reduces stress and helps families select the right college that’ll be best for their child. It is a win-win for all!

The College Selextion Program is offered in conjunction with our educational partner The Sports Source.