An International Club Experience

Soccer is a game that on an International level creates passion and excitement that goes beyond anything seen in traditional US sports. Clubs in countries around the world are supported by a massive army of fans that travel thousands of miles to support their club. The passion and tradition of club soccer around the world is the inspiration behind the Champions Series. Xara has created this range of product to honor the passion that these international clubs have developed. It introduces your members to the club soccer at the International level and helps bring this excitement and knowledge of the game to soccer families in your club. An exciting Association Manual outlines many ideas passed on from clubs across the country who have used the Champions Series products as part of their club experience. It shows how they have built a unique soccer experience around the use of the Champions series product. With this exciting product, the association manual, the valuable support materials and the imagination and creativity of your members, you will create an International Club soccer experience that will have your members falling in love with the game and turn a “Season of Games into a Lifetime of Memories.”
Champion Series Support Materials;
  • Association Manual
  • Player Certificates
  • Photograph surround – individual picture
  • Photograph surround – team picture
  • Parents note about the family soccer season
  • Parents note acknowledging the work of the coach