Taking Your Game to the Next Level

The ACES U10 player development program is the third in a series of three programs that have been developed to assist administrators and coaches in the growth and development of the emerging players in their program. This season long program is both age specific and skill specific and is designed for players of all levels. The ACES program is designed to allow the coach to continue the development of the players core soccer skills while at the same time build a greater understanding of team play. The curriculum is based around three principles;
  • Core Soccer Skills
  • Development of Team Play
  • Fun
The training modules within this program develop the core skills that the emerging player will need to continue to play the game at the higher age levels. They also focus on developing the players understanding of team play and the role of the individual in the success of the team. These two very important concepts help the emerging player develop within the team environment and have fun as they gain a greater understanding of the game.
Support Materials;
  • Photograph surround – individual picture
  • Photograph surround – team picture
  • Parents note – example
  • Parents note – blank
  • Coaches note - example
  • Certificate - Galactic Strike Force
  • Curriculum introduction pages
  • Week One – “Core Skills”
  • Week Two – “One Touch”